The music selection for your wedding or event is so important. If you want to create an unforgettable night, you’ll want to be sure your guests are moving and grooving all night! To ensure guest participation, we would recommend asking your guests to make music requests on their RSVP, so you know there is a song or two that they are sure to enjoy. You can also set up playlists with us to help with music selection that you and your guests can dance to.

Having the right music sets the mood for the night. As we all know, we usually shed a few tears during the first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance. But we don’t want to be crying all night. The plus side to hiring a DJ is we can read the room. If your crowd isn’t feeling a certain genre of music, we can find a way to increase participation and get people moving! We can take requests and keep everyone happy.

It is also very important to let us know if there are certain songs you DO NOT want played at your event. We are more than willing to assist you in creating the perfect playlist for your reception. You can also peruse online sources to find “best wedding playlists,” or “famous wedding songs.” Ultimately, it’s your choice the type of music you want played. We want to be sure you have an amazing time.

Music brings people together and it’s something that everyone can enjoy. As much as we would love to please everyone, if there is something you do not like, please let your DJ know. Afterall, it is your event and you have taken the time and money to make sure it’s perfect.

Music helps keep the silence at bay. Even if it’s just a quiet background song, it can take up that awkward, empty space. Background music during dinner, or cocktail hour will help your guests feel like they can have conversations without the whole room hearing what they are saying.
You’ll also want to think about what different music you want playing as your bridal party walks down the aisle, what song the bride wants to walk down the aisle to, first dance, and exit music as well. We want to try to keep everything as upbeat as possible! When the music is upbeat, it boosts the energy of you and your guests.

When you’re planning the music for your event, it can be a nice break from all the hectic and stressful parts of planning. It’s quite easy to sit down with your soon to be spouse, and look for songs that are meaningful, and something fun to dance to! Ask your friends, and family for help as well to compile music. You can weed out anything you don’t care for, but this way you have more ideas that you may not have thought of.

Let us know how we can help make the best playlist for you!