Short answer: YES! There are many ways to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have immuno-compromised guests, live stream your event for them, or even just the ceremony or reception, whichever is preferred by you. Your guests will let you know if they are uncomfortable at an event and if you offer alternative methods such as live streaming, they can still be included. 

As the guests of honor, it is your choice how you want your ceremony to be, and your vendors will help you out. If you want all your guests to wear a mask, then communicate that. If you are comfortable without guests wearing a mask, your vendors will likely have their own protocols (i.e. catering/bartender companies will likely be wearing a mask and/or gloves per their own companies COVID standards). Again, if your guests are uncomfortable, they will let you know, or should let you know. 

If you are uncomfortable with a large ceremony/reception, limit your guests. They will understand because it is your day. It’s not about them. It’s all about your comfort level and what safety measures you want to enforce or not enforce. Please keep in mind your state/county regulations when planning your event. 

Here’s a list of our pro-tips to have a safe wedding:

  1. Provide hand sanitizer for your guests or the venue may already provide this. 
  2. Ask that guests wear masks (IF this is what you want, or it is mandated). Have extra masks for guests who don’t bring them so they can still attend.
  4. Avoid having a self-service buffet line. Ask your catering company to serve the food, with gloves and with a mask on. Again, they will have their own safety measures, but it typically includes gloves and a mask. Too many hands touching the serving stations is asking for germs to be spread (this goes for flu season too, not just COVID).
  5. Avoid self-service drink stations. This is the same concept, too many hands that you cannot guarantee are clean, touching around objects that will be going into your mouth. Ask if your bartender can serve these drinks to limit exposure.
  6. Try to space out tables as much as possible. We know this isn’t always feasible, but the more distance you can get, the more comfortable people will feel.
  7. LASTLY, HAVE FUN. You can still enjoy yourself and be safe. Keep in mind, you and your guests do run the risk of exposure, but this can be reduced with safety precautions. 

We are not the CDC, but these are all guidelines that the CDC has recommended to keep you safe during this unknown time. If you do not feel safe having a wedding during a pandemic, that is perfectly fine. There is no shame in postponing your wedding to a date that you feel will be the safest for you and your loved ones. You can always have a small, intimate ceremony, and celebrate later. You and your guest’s health and safety are our #1 priority and communication is key when having a wedding during a pandemic.