Photo booths have become very popular in the wedding industry, and events in general. The photo booth experience allows you to have keepsakes of your night and allows your guests to remember your special day or event. As an event DJ, we strive to provide the best entertainment possible for you AND your guests. The photo booth is not only entertaining for you, but it adds an extra activity for your guests to enjoy and be creative while you are mingling with your other guests. In our experience, we have encountered brides and grooms who do not see the purpose of the photo booth, but what they don’t realize is it helps keep their guests occupied. 

On your special day, the focus is on YOU. While the focus is always on the couple, you are not available 100% of the time to entertain all guests. That is where your DJ/Entertainer/Photo Booth vendors come into play. Your event DJ is there to keep you and your guests entertained for the duration of the event. We’ve got the music handled and strongly recommend a photo booth. There are so many options when it comes to photo booths, including having electronic pictures texted to upload to social media, or printable photos to put on your fridge, hang up at work, or on a bulletin board on your wall. 

You’ve already hired a professional photographer, and videographer, a photo booth adds an extra picture worthy feature to your event. It allows your guests to express themselves on your special day with a forever keepsake. There are many ways to make your photo booth unique and personal to you and your spouses’ style. There are many props to choose from, and different styles and layouts for guests of all ages to enjoy.

Photo booths are not a new commodity. They were established back in 1925 by Anatol Josepho and have more recently become popular again for event entertainment.

Photo booths can be fun for any event, not just weddings. They are great for corporate events, birthday parties, you name it! Not only is it quick and easy for you and your guests, it provides non-stop entertainment that someone is not having to monitor constantly. Everyone loves a fun picture of themselves to enjoy for months to come.

So, to answer your question, is the photo booth for me or my guests, the answer is your guests mainly. The photo booth alleviates the amount of effort you are personally putting into entertaining, but also allows you to take some fun pictures of you and your spouse, or pictures with your friends and family that a photographer would not typically be taking. It allows your guests to be creative and pose however they feel like without having a camera man/woman behind the lens searching for the perfect picture.